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Each page shows a brief summary from student projects for Dr. Dwyer’s Communication Teamwork, and Facilitation Class (CMST 4560/8566). The students formed their own consulting firms and learned, practiced, and relied on the Standard Agenda for problem solving in teamwork. In their team-firms, they practiced effective facilitation skills, strong trust-building techniques, adaptive leadership, effective meeting management, appropriate conflict resolution techniques, consensus building, and effective communication skills to complete the real-world project of creating a portfolio and writing a chapter for the Best of the Omaha-Metro Area Community Guidebook and Blog.

The UNO Course: The Communication, Teamwork, and Facilitation Course

This CMST 4560/8566 course examines the practices and theory associated with team problem solving, facilitation, group-decision making, and training in effective group interaction. Research shows that, when left to free discussion, work teams will often struggle to perform effectively or reach consensus. In response, communication scholars have developed many meeting techniques, procedures, and practices that provide guidelines on how to organize team or group interaction to communicate more effectively and to achieve successful goal attainment. In this course student learn those techniques and as well as effective conversational practices, the standard agendas for problem solving, effective group facilitation, trust-building leadership, and training of team members.

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